Anatomy Craft Coffee Bar Expansion Plan 2022

Who Are We?

Anatomy Craft Coffee Bar is a unique cafe strategically placed in downtown Honesdale Pennsylvania, located inside The Creative Compound.  Our concept mimics a traditional cocktail bar while executing a caffeinated menu with options ranging from espresso drinks, lattes, teas, homemade gelato and fresh baked pastries provided by Wildflour Bakehouse.  Our menu is executed on our collection of unique equipment including products from La Marzocco, Ground Control, and Mahlikonig.   

Our first location pulled its first shot on November 27th to kick off our grand opening and we have been tweaking our process and improving our routines ever since, planning for the inevitable summer tourist rush we’ll see soon.  In our first few months of operation, we have gained a loyal following, and a consistently growing customer base. We have a team trained to bring our ideas to life with a rotating menu always having something new and a favorite for everyone.  We were approached by a local business owner, of Two Guys From Italy Pizzeria, in the recent months to come together on a quick serve pizza & coffee shop in the very well know, Greshams Landing on Lake Wallenpaupack.  This location is as prime as it gets for a quick serve cafe.  The location mapped below shows its ideal location:   

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Greshams Landing is a family-owned shopping center right across the street from well-known Lake Wallenpaupack. It sits just off Route 6, the only main commercial road that runs along Lake Wallenpaupack, as well as a central location for Pocono area travelers. Located inside the shopping center is a health care office, a physical therapy office, a local clothing store, Greshams ice cream shoppe, a local florist, and all tickets for lake scenic tours are purchased within the landing as well.

Anatomy’s Conceptual Description

Anatomy Craft Coffee Bar was brought to life when owner Mike Foschino sought out to bring a traditional Italian style cafe into the heart of a welcoming town. Having spent time at school and working in Italy, a true sense on the quality of life was absorbed, and from then it became a goal to recreate that ambiance for those who haven’t experienced it.

Our cafes product and machinery selection are all handpicked strategically to execute a traditional menu, different from what most commercial coffee names have normalized. Our selected roast is Miscela D’oro, a Sicilian roasted bean keeping classic Italian tradition, deemed to be “the closest tasting coffee to a Tuscan Cafe.” We believe it is important to master a single product rather than try to tweak multiple roasts. Our selection is a Gran Crema Espresso, and their newly released Americano Premium.

Our product has proven to be loved by our customers, and we credit the combination of our two brewers as much as the product we brew. Our espresso is pulled on a La Marzocco Leva X, just one of six in the US, and our drip coffee and iced latte blend is brewed on a Ground Control Cyclops, a first for the state of PA.

Anatomy’s menu is a simple process to execute in a very strategic and consistent manner. It’s designed to keep the decision time to a minimum, by limiting certain selections that people are used to that result in inconsistency. The flow of execution is a small circle and doesn’t require more than an arm’s reach length to complete any part of our menu. The strategy implemented in our first location is just the start and what can be a revolutionary concept adjustment to the average coffee shop.

Anatomy On the Lake Executive Summary

Local business owners Mike Foschino and John Valerio join forces to bring a new cafe & pizzeria to the heart of Lake Wallenpaupack. For summer 2022, we will be opening a quick serve cafe in Greshams Landing. A high-volume tourist spot for Pocono area visitors with a year-round customer base, peaking during summer months.

The concept will blend a mix of pizza and traditional appetizer style items with a selection of hot and iced drinks to include soft drinks as well as caffeinated drinks. Our two menus will blend as one to be able to cater walk up orders, as well as grab and go items that will be available for self-serve in merchandisers around the cafe.

Knowing the incoming mixed customer base, of hotel residents, weekenders, lake goers, and passerby’s, this location will offer different seating areas to accommodate for the ranging loitering times of our guests.

Lake Wallenpaupack is the host of multiple summer events, to include Wally Wine Fest, 4th of July Fireworks, Wally Lake Fest, Hawley Winter fest and much more. Bringing our knowledge, strategy, and product into this location will be huge opportunity that our team is ready to take on.

Execution Team

  • CEO of Cavallino Capital Inc. & Owner Anatomy Craft Coffee Bar – Mike Foschino
  • Owner of Two Guys from Italy Pizzeria – John Valerio
  • Executive baker for Anatomy Cafe – Julia Kent of Wildflour Bakehouse
  • Interior Designer – Rachel Acevedo
  • Executive Assistant to CEO / Marketing Director – Taylor Scibilia
  • Director of Operations- Laura Mcgrath
  • Administrative Tasking – AgentZ
  • Funding Partner – Honesdale National Bank


Our interior design is going to be inspired by Anatomy Cafe in Honesdale PA. We have relaxed industrial design being placed in this location to give a homey feel to our atmosphere while remaining functional for high volumes.

Design renderings completed by Rachel Acevedo using Foyr Software

Market Analysis

Route 6 remains to be the only commercial road that runs along Lake Wallenpaupack for a short distance between Rt 402 and downtown Hawley. It is a direct route through NEPA accessible from I-84.

Greshams Landing is a well-known center right off the lake with access from the lake trails, boat access across the street, and a large parking lot to accommodate drive by traffic. Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau is the leading source for all things Poconos, and their biggest attraction is Lake Wallenpaupack. Throughout the year there are countless events that happen right within the property of this location, as well as on the lake itself, leaving us with so many opportunities to be an active member of the Lake Region.

We expect our demographic to be families of 3+ most of which will be 4+ during the summer months (Memorial Day – Labor Day). We expect to be able to capture all audiences being as there are no other quick serve options for food and coffee, besides Dunkin Donuts, which is nothing more than a corporate placeholder. We will be the central lake location go get hot and cold food and drinks, as well as sitting centrally in the shopping center that offers scenic lake tour tickets, which has an average of 10K tours per season. That number expected to grow this year, with families returning to normal life after the last two years.

We estimate that 75%+ of our customers will be passing through during the peak season, allowing us to keep our price points higher than the local rates. Most of our customers will be coming from higher income areas and won’t have the low dollar shock we see daily at our Honesdale location. This will allow us to keep all of our prices fair and profitable, expecting a family to come in and spend $50+ and leave satisfied.

Financial Projections

Our financial projections are based on the following assumptions:
-Average ticket is a family of 3+
-Average item price $4
-Average 2 items per person (coffee & snack)
-Average of $32 / check
-Estimate 50 families served during an average seasonal day
-Estimated $1,560 per day net steady at these numbers for May – September with a 25% margin for error on the day (+/- $390)
-A 35% drop from October – December
-An additional 25% drop for January – February
-30% increase into March – April



Our expenses are based on factual statistics acquired from our operating numbers at our current location. All administrative and executional tasks, to include but not limited to marketing, legal structuring and execution, office expenses, will be contracted out to AgentZ, a specialized team of executive assistants. (For more information visit

Est Expenses$15100$15100$15100$15100$12600$12600$12600$12600$11100$11100$11600$11600

Product Markup

Below is a breakdown of our product margins based on our current vendor relationships

Our menu is executed using two sole brands, Miscela D’oro as our bean roasters, and Monin as our flavor syrup distributor. We have established relationships with both vendors and have access to wholesale pricing for our product, keeping our product cost to a minimum. Below is a breakdown of our markups between our two coffee drinks:

DrinkBag PriceWeight$/Gram$/PourSale PriceMarkup %Gross Margin %

We expect tourism to grow by roughly 10% each year which would conservatively increase our projections 5% on each year moving forward. These projections estimate business of a normal operating day and does not include all of the summer events hosted in the vicinity of the lake. Year 1-3 projections following these estimates are as follows:

Year 127,02027,02027,02027,02027,02019,84819,84819,8489,4209,42019,54819,548
Year 228,37128,37128,37128,37128,37120,84020,84020,8409,8919,89120,57220,572
Year 329,78029,78029,78029,78029,78021,88221,88221,88210,38610,38621,59821,598

Startup Costs

Our startup costs associated with expansion of Anatomy Cafe are split among our Honesdale and Lakeside location. Our Honesdale location will be getting outfitted with a prep kitchen it the basement, allowing us to possess a licensed food preparation facility on so we are able to make, package, and deliver all sweets and goods for our new location. In doing this expansion to our Honesdale basement, it will allow us to stretch out our abilities as to what we are able to produce out of our kitchen. We are going into this summer fully staffed including bringing on a full-time baker who will be providing a full pastry display with fresh goods 7 days a week

StartupMain StreetLakeside
Working Capital $20,000$25,000